First sighting of Angelina Jolie in 2022 – and it’s at the grocery store. Of course, this isn’t the first time she’s made headlines this year. With the release of The Weeknd’s new album, dawn FM, and the lyrics on some of his songs, there’s been speculation over whether or not she’s the “movie star” he’s been dating. While we keep guessing, Angie’s keeping the same energy this year as she has in previous years and here, she’s with Vivienne at Bristol Farms with their reusable grocery bags and… a case of Bubly. I mention Bubly because, as we all know, it seems like there’s a new brand of sparkling water coming out every week – it’s been a major trend for the last few years, with LaCroix dominating early on with millennials, but Bubly has come on strong. 


For me, personally, I could never get with LaCroix because I can’t say the brand name the way the brand pronounces its name which is “la-croy”. When I look at the word “LaCroix”, what I say is “la-qua” (with bit more of a throaty sound on the “q”) …because it’s French! It’s a matter of principle! Also, I don’t love the look of the can. And yes, this matters, since really, if we’re honest, there’s not that much distinguishable difference between the flavour of one brand of sparkling water and the next. 

So, yes, I’m a Bubly drinker. My second favourite flavour is what Angelina and Vivienne bought, which is blackberry, as you can tell from the case. My favourite flavour is cherry, which is controversial, and ranked by Mashed as the worst Bubly flavour because it tastes like medicine. Totally disagree. The worst Bubly flavour, at least to me, is watermelon and this was surprising to me because I love watermelon, but Bubly’s watermelon is underwhelming and I have cognitive disconnect with the colour of the can, it’s green. I mean, yes, I KNOW that the outside of a watermelon is green, but green is not the colour I associate with watermelon. So, to recap, #1 is cherry, #2 is blackberry, and if we need to round the best Bubly flavours according to Lainey, #3 is mango. You want to fight about this? By all means, please yell at me, I deserve it. I’m the chump who just gave Bubly all kinds of free advertising since they’re definitely not paying me for the 300 words I just wrote about their product on top of the free marketing that one of the biggest movie stars and well-known faces in the world just gave them by holding a case of their blackberry. 


But it’s one of the few things that you can find that’s the same in Angelina’s home and mine: dogs and Bubly. 

And in other Angelina-related news, Eternals is now streaming as of today on Disney+. Eternals was the last movie I saw in theatres in 2021. I don’t know when I’ll feel safe again to go back to the theatre… but this is definitely what I’m doing tonight. And my first priority, even before the full re-watch from beginning to end, is to replay all the Makkari and Druig scenes because I ship them, hard!