Anne Hathaway was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week promoting The Hustle, which is coming out this Friday. I can’t wait to see The Hustle, since it’s based off one of my favourite movies, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. However, Anne’s interview is probably one of my favourite late night TV appearances from her, maybe even from anyone. There’s so much gold to mine here!

The headline of course was that Anne Hathaway is a self-proclaimed Drag Race super fan, so Colbert surprised her with a guest appearance: none other than RuPaul himself. The reaction is priceless, you just have to watch it if you haven’t already and if you have, I know you want to watch it again: 


I love how she just starts crying, which is exactly what I’d do if RuPaul told me that Shante, I Stay. One of the reasons I love Anne Hathaway, especially on press tours like these, is that she knows how to have fun. Like during the junket for Serenity where she did an awesome impression of Matthew McConaughey or when she presented the Hollywood Actor Award to Hugh Jackman at the Hollywood Film Awards


Anne’s also a Monet X Change stan!!! In my very first article on this site, I wrote, “I love Monet X Change. I had a chance to see her perform in Vienna, but the show was really expensive so instead, I just yelled her name through the streets in the hopes that she would hear me.” I have been a fan of Monet for a while and I appreciate the appreciation that Anne gives her, including her growth between Season 10 and All Stars 4. Also I need to know what Anne thinks about Monet’s sponge dress, and whether she whispers “Club 96” to her friends at random times (I bet she does). 

This is what Monet had to say in response to Anne’s gushing: 

Her interview with Colbert is better than others because while Anne is usually composed and relaxed, she seems genuinely overwhelmed and thrilled to see RuPaul, so much so that she couldn’t contain her emotion. Mixed with her usual fun demeanor, it makes the whole thing seem so much more endearing and enjoyable. It’s also a testament to the impact that queens like RuPaul and Monet and their messaging can have, even for celebrities. Anne references their collective abilities to “step their pussy up,” something she admits to striving for. She’s been quite honest about how she did this in the past when she showed her work back in January. Also added to the list of things I didn’t know I needed until now is Anne Hathaway tearfully saying “stepped my pussy up” to RuPaul. 


Speaking of stepping pussies up, Anne also talks about how her pants split right after getting out of the car to go to the Late Show. She had to change before the show which is why her entrance and exit looks were different. For the interview, she wore the same outfit for her cover shoot on Shape Magazine. It’s a great outfit in that it’s less fitted and thus more retro (which is super trendy), especially with the rolled-up sleeves. I think her original outfit is still better because I’m into that cross-stitching on the side seam. The eye shadow though? Oof. 

Also, did you know that Rebel Wilson used to be a lawyer? And that she argued about double standards and misogyny in order to get The Hustle’s rating down from R to PG13? 

I could watch Anne fangirl over RuPaul all day every day. She should definitely be a guest judge on the show, but RuPaul also has a new daytime show coming out in June, and she’d make such a great first guest. GIVE US THE COLLAB WE NEED!