You know what we were talking about exactly a year ago? Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were going through a rough patch, maintaining that they were still engaged but pumping the breaks on a wedding. Alex spent the next month trying to save it … but a month later they officially called it off. And two weeks after that, Ben was seen visiting JLo at her LA home. 


We’ve been spoiled ever since. Bennifer, over the last eleven months, has been good to us with frequent updates – they’re out for lunch or dinner or with their kids or at premieres, a few days ago she released a video and he had a cameo, although you couldn’t see his face. But the pap shots have slowed down in recent weeks, they skipped the SAGs, they maintained a lower profile, as low profile as they’ve been since getting back together. 

But the mini-drought is over, bless them. Bennifer was seen in Spain this weekend as JLo is there working on The Mother, which was delayed a few weeks ago because of a COVID outbreak. Everything appears to be back on track now and she’s back at work and Ben is evidently spending some time there with her too. They were seen out for a walk around town the other day looking pretty relaxed and casual, as casual as we get where JLo is concerned – barely any makeup, hair not done, just a crop tank and overalls, almost like they just rolled out of bed on a Sunday morning. Yes, I know, these are pap shots but it’s about as unperformed as we’ve seen of Bennifer ….as they settle in for the long haul? 


That’s how she’s been talking. During the promotional run for Marry Me, she stayed away from giving specifics about their relationship but what she did say indicated that this second chance that they found in each other was a capital-C commitment. Second chances or not, this is the stage in a relationship when you dig in. When the novelty and the excitement transitions into perhaps less spectacular but more profound. I’m not sure anyone thought last time that they would make it. And now… come on… don’t we all want them to?