Chris Pratt and Jason Momoa are not really fighting in the Instagram comments; this is extremely low-level gossip. Chris Pratt posted a photo of himself (to promote his Amazon store, which is the more interesting story – how is Amazon recruiting all of these high-profile celebrities?) and in it he was holding a water bottle. Jason Momoa commented about single-use plastics, and Chris responded, agreeing that the plastic water bottle is not a good look and he will try to do better. Jason Momoa then apologized, on his own account, for how it was received.

All this really tells me is that these two don’t have each other’s phone numbers, because couldn’t this convo have happened by text? Or even in the DM’s?


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In an interview with Howard Stern, Adam Sandler said that he eschewed his usual “f-ck it” press strategy for actually doing things to promote Uncut Gems, like a NYT profile. And if he doesn’t get an Oscar nomination and win, we can expect to see Grownups 3: Fart Camp

You know what sucks about this Cardi B./Offset Instagram hacking drama? Cardi didn’t do anything and she has to deal with it, because she is the most famous person in this story. It falls on her. So instead of celebrating her accomplishment as Spotify’s most streamed female rapper of 2019, she is posting Instagram stories of her husband looking through his email. 


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Julianne Hough used to post about her husband with some frequency, but hasn’t done so since August. He posted a shot of them for Thanksgiving and she didn’t “like” it. Also, she stopped wearing her ring.

Now ring watch alone is unreliable, but all of this together… smutty tingles or no?


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Last week I wrote about the Justin and Chrishell Hartley split. I won’t refer to her as Chrishell Hartley anymore because she removed that last name from her Instagram post. As I wrote at the time, obviously there is more than going on than what was being presented. Sources are telling PEOPLE she was blindsided, which makes sense, considering the timing. And she wants us to know she was wronged because she posted an inspirational quote on Instagram, which is a cry for help. 


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