Is Miley Cyrus dropping music under a pseudonym? Flowers has been such a smash hit for her so I wonder why.  


I technically should have included this in As Seen on Social Media (which is running today!) but if you want Young Ex Wife energy, Reneé Rapp has a store that sells these tanks. As Busy says, “young” and “ex wife” are more a state of mind than a fixed state.  

Yes, Travis Barker collaborated on an enema kit and yes it’s $182 and yes it’s sold out. This takes “celebrities selling sh-t” to the next level.  


The And Just Like That.. season two teaser. Please HBOMax we are so tired. We can’t do this again. 


Oh I love the styling on Eva Longoria for Vogue Mexico, with the chunky necklace and blazer. She is kicking into high gear for Flamin’ Hot promotion and the early buzz on it is very good.  


Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are officially grandparents and the baby has so much hair! I don’t think I’ve ever heard the name Louetta before and I like it. It fits with the Willis family names in a way: Rumer, Scout, Tallulah, Mabel and Evelyn.  


If you are going to post a birthday tribute to Channing Tatum, this is the right photo choice.