Tiffany Haddish is on the cover of Cosmopolitan and she is always candid and even though she is now wealthy and famous, that hasn’t stopped her from talking about money. I love money talk! Especially when it’s not nepo babies spouting off platitudes (it’s always the ones with a giant cushion to fall back on who “don’t care about money”). Tiffany did not have a cushion but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have limits: she turned down a very lucrative sponsored post opportunity (in the millions) because it didn’t fit with her brand. I’m dying to know what it was. What would make you turn down $10 million? I mean, it would have to be pretty outlandish for most. 


Speaking of nepo babies, Apple Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow continue to tour Manhattan and Apple, who graduated from high school this year, doesn’t seem to have college plans right now. Could she be taking a gap year in New York? Gwyneth hasn’t yet posted a photo in her grid from their trip, which means Apple hasn’t approved it yet.

There’s method acting and then there’s Kieran Culkin being Roman Roy. 


There are a lot of theories on why there’s so much drama surrounding Don’t Worry Darling and it’s a real gossip buffet. My theory is that the movie just isn’t going to be any good and that’s why some people have distanced themselves. 

This is important: Yesterday I posted a TikTok from Christian King (@iam_cking) and as it gains popularity, Ms. Tina has posted it which means two things: Beyoncé might have already seen it and, because Ms. Tina tagged Paulette Washington, Denzel might see it. I am extremely happy for Christian! (I included the video below from Christian because Ms. Tina’s repost is pixilated.)


I had to do it one time for the one time #beyonce #renaissance #breakmysoul

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Jessica Simpson’s line is releasing retro roller skates and in the photos, she is leaning against a car and not actually roller skating. She can roller skate as she did so in her video for  "A Public Affair" (which in true early-2000s fashion stars Andy Dick). So why isn’t she roller skating in the ad?


Emma Stone, Gemma Chan, Alicia Vikander and Sophie Turner are a few women who I associate with Louis Vuitton on the red carpet. And while they all turn out solid looks on a consistent basis, working with one house can be a little stifling. Jurnee Smollett is an underrated dresser and this LV dress is really interesting, with the strips of fabric overtop of lace. It almost looks like a latex suit remixed into an LBD. It’s a nice change-up from the body armour-style dresses LV has been leaning into for a while.