In the comments of this post, someone asked Busy if she would reboot her talk show on Instagram Live. Her answer is quite honest – she’s thought about it, but she doesn’t have the money for production (like off-site editors). Also, there’s the “going Live” bit – everyone is going Live, with varying results. Sometimes it’s embarrassing, but sometimes it’s like a second job: Miley Cyrus’s Bright Minded talk show is pulling in several big name guests every night (seriously, it’s as good as any late night show) and the other one that is highly produced is John Krasinski’s Some Good News. But back to Busy’s point: John is putting some time and money into this, to have it cut together and all the coordination between celebrities (like the JoBros and Billie Eilish); it’s light hearted entertainment, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do.  


Jenna Dewan has joined TikTok and I’m going to go ahead and say this is cheating. She is a professional so these viral dancers are nothing to her. She has an unfair advantage.

Like Lainey, I am enamoured with the Ana de Armas fan account  - I love them and their good-hearted teasing. They aren’t the only ones who are dealing with a cut-to-the-heart block: Billy Eichner has been digitally shunned by Kirstie Alley. Why?! He has only expressed how much he loves her– he and Olivia Wilde were tweeting about it. Then – a twist in the third act! A redemption arc! A happy ending!


As has been mentioned a few times on the site, there’s a big difference between how Ellen is perceived on social media (particularly Twitter) versus how she is received by her audience. But now, with so much of our time being spent online, there have been a few dark spots in her coverage: Variety (a reputable trade pub) wrote about problems in how production is handling the shutdown and Buzzfeed did a “15 Times Celebrities Snapped Back at Ellen DeGeneres”. Buzzfeed’s lists get a lot of clicks and are posted all over Facebook – this is the story that will probably reach her fan base. She is likely planning to retire soon (which was mentioned in her NYT profile in 2018) so maybe this doesn’t bother her at all. The title of that piece is “Ellen DeGeneres is Not As Nice As You Think” so maybe this isn’t completely Ellen’s fault – she’s been showing people who she is, some just haven’t wanted to see it.  

I thought this was Nina Dobrev’s way of telling us she’s self-isolating with Shaun White but no, he has visible arm tattoos.  

“Look what you made me do.” Who is doxxing Cole Sprouse? Yikes.