Britney Spears has been posting Q&A videos that leave us with more questions than answers: does she have control over her social media? Is this her way of acknowledging her fans without directly addressing the #FreeBritney movement? Does she read the comments? One recent video was deleted and I think it was taken down because of the “favourite perfume” question. She answered “Tom Ford.” Britney is a powerhouse in the celebrity fragrance world with 22 different perfumes. It’s kind of funny she said Tom Ford. In this recent post she acknowledges the questions about her crop peasant tops. She does have one for every day of the week. 


To me this is more “Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate” vibes. 

Are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello still together? We started off quarantine with them and then BenAna took over – I guess we can assume yes until we hear different.


There’s a Fast Times at Ridgemont High live table read coming up, organized by Dane Cook (it’s a fundraiser benefiting Sean Penn’s emergency response charity, CORE and Reform Alliance). Sean Penn will not be playing Spicoli but he is participating and not being crusty about it. Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston have to be Linda and Stacy, right? Matthew McConaughey could be Spicoli. Shia LeBeouf has the energy for Damone. It could go any which way.

Jennifer Aniston's Instagram story

This is important.

Attached - Shawn Mendes leaving a studio in LA earlier this month.