I’m inclined to believe Spencer Pratt over Walmart Batman. Spencer is acutely aware of his place in the celebrity eco-system, whereas Walmart Batman once thought he could try it with the Beyhive

Eminem’s social media is strictly promotional… except when it comes to Netflix cancellation. Then he gets really fired up. 

I’m kind of scared to ask this because I don’t know anything about the Avengers, but why does Pepper Pots have bangs? Is it to stay true to the comics? 


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Speaking of Avengers, a Girl Guide is using Aquaman to sell more cookies. I appreciate her ingenuity but they should have kept it on the down-low so Marvel doesn’t send them a cease and desist. 


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Adele and Drake hung out in LA; they ate, went bowling and ended up at a vape lounge. Since it’s Drake, the next step is her face tattooed on his body. 


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I know we still have the Oscars to get through, but the Met Gala is only a few months away so I’m thinking ahead because Lady Gaga is one of the co-chairs, along with Harry Styles. (Serena Williams is a co-chair as well.) Gaga has had to pull a lot of looks for awards season, but the Met will be completely different – the theme is Camp: Notes on Fashion and she is never afraid of a costume. What will Harry’s version of camp be? I’m a little tempted to wonder about the chemistry between these two, but there’s not really any point because Gaga doesn’t date famous men (sorry Taylor Kinney fans, but he’s not exactly a household name). Not that I wouldn’t be super into Gaga and Harry – it would be great gossip – but we can’t deplete the Gossip Genie’s resources with non-starters. 


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Kaavia James remains unimpressed, even on a private jet. 


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