Gwyneth Paltrow is taking precautions (remember, she was patient zero in Contagion). She’s heading to Paris Fashion Week, I would guess for Chloe. She’s been very tight with creative director Natacha Ramsay-Levi, even if the collaboration hasn’t been that exciting. Remember the yellow gown for the Met Gala camp theme?  


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Do you think Hot Pockets will get a sales bump from this? I’ve had the strains of a jingle stuck in my head for two days. Can practically feel my tongue getting burned when I read these headlines.


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Will we ever be free from 50 Shades of Grey? Kayleigh Donaldson at Pajiba laments the newest E.L. James project, a film based on the book The Mister. The rights were optioned after a heated bidding war.

Thoughts and prayers to Kayleigh and our very own Sarah, who will have to review the movie.


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I don’t know anything about collecting art, but this compilation of Taiki Waititi napping feels like it belongs in a gallery. The third photo in the carousel below has me most interested because of the distribution of space on what looks like a private plane. Taiki gets a whole couch, two people get chairs and one poor guy is on the floor with sockless feet perilously close to his face. Taiki is a director and works a lot, so I assume that’s how the pecking order is decided. 



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If you have a crush on Jake Johnson and he slides into your DMs, do not send bitcoins. 


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Models-with-famous-parents is its own subculture (Pierce Brosnan, Jude Law, Daniel Day-Lewis are a few actors with Zoolander offspring). And now we can add John C. Reilly’s son Leo to the list. In addition to being a model, he’s a musician, jewellery maker, and TikTok star. This feels like a discovery because it is. John C. Reilly works across genres (comedy, dramas) and averages about three movies a year and yet we know nothing about him. I’ve never seen a photo of him outside his work. The only thing I could glean from his Wiki is that he practices transcendental meditation. A totally rare kind of fame.


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Brie Larson in Rodarte is confusing my soul. I love the gloves in the first photo and 80s prom vibes in the second but the full-length blue skirt and bow and white bodice are kind of a mess. But a stylized mess. It’s a risky, fun dress, which I can appreciate as Brie has played it safe at times.


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