When Michelle Williams announced her pregnancy and engagement, Lainey made note of the timing. US Weekly has a new story, calling the situation “messy” but not providing any further details; we already know the two met on the Fosse/Verdon set. I’m not saying there isn’t more to the story, but US Weekly doesn’t know what that “more” is, which is why the “messiness” is never explained. Smart, reliable gossip needs to be specific. 


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Zoey Deutch stood out for me at the Globes because even with the bold sleeves and in-your-face yellow, the look didn’t overwhelm her. The tailoring is meticulous, particularly around the wrists. Finding out it is a jumpsuit just makes me like it more. 


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The Masked Singer is getting a spin-off, The Masked Dancer.

I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of The Masked Singer, but at least you have a voice to go on. How can the panel guess based upon dance moves?


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Sandrine, please come forward. We have so many questions.


@michaelbjordan is here tomorrow. His prom date is not.

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Over the summer I was in New York and scored tickets to Jacqueline Novak’s Get On Your Knees, which is brilliant. She is going to be a huge f-cking star and I don’t know why Netflix hasn’t bought it and aired it as a special. Think of how much Paul Thomas Anderson, who is as private as can be, loved it to participate in a photo afterwards. I can’t remember the last time he and Maya Rudolph even walked a red carpet. 


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We are three days post-Globes, and there’s still a steady stream of photos because of all the posts from C-listers who attend all the parties, hoping to schmooze with producers and directors. These aren’t nominees or people sitting at network or studio tables. They are on the periphery. The InStyle elevator exemplifies celebrity hierarchy; the account posts the top names straight away and as the week goes on, the star power lessens. By Friday, Phoebe Price might step off the elevator. 


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