This morning, Lainey wrote about JLo’s glowed up and golden 50th birthday party. One person who I haven’t seen any mention of is Leah Remini. Leah and JLo have been tight for years, and while Leah wished her a Happy Birthday on Instagram (and JLo liked the post), she hasn’t appeared in any photos from the party. These two used to hang out a lot and share that on social media. So did they stop showing us, or did they stop hanging out? 


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The Mirror Online wrote some BS story about what broke up One Direction (drugs, sex, gay rumours). Louis Tomlinson took the time to dispute the story, but I wonder why he bothered. Is anyone checking on why One Direction broke up in the year 2019?

Selma Blair has been very open on social media about her health (she has been diagnosed with MS) and we’ve seen her working a gown and cane on the Vanity Fair Oscar’s party red carpet. She is amplifying a conversation that usually happens with family and friends in private, not something we typically see on the cover of PEOPLE magazine. Talking about illness of any kind in our culture is considered sad and unpleasant, and she is one person who is working towards changing the idea of how a sick person should act, just by being in her body. And her hospital style is top notch. 


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The Scooter Braun/Taylor Swift feud has cooled significantly, mainly because he doesn’t engage negatively, and he often responds to comments on his social media with something along the lines of, “I continue to wish her the best.” While hardcore Swifties are still going off about him daily, the pop culture consensus has not come down definitively on one side or the other. This Billboard cover will reignite the conversation. Will she ignore it, or will she come out quickly to dispute the interview? Will she be doing her own Billboard cover to promote Lover and talk about the whole ordeal?


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Anne Hathaway announced her pregnancy in a fairly low-key way. I forgot if she had a boy or girl and had to Google it. She has a son. Anyone know his name? Try to guess without looking it up. 


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Do you think Bono keeps his glasses on during sex? Does he leave them on in the shower? I need to know what circumstances warrant him taking his glasses off.


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I have never noticed this before but don’t Courteney Cox and her boyfriend (fiancé?) Johnny McDaid look eerily similar? It’s the bone structure. 


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Attached: Bono in Saint Paul de Vence on the French Riviera on July 16, 2019.