This morning, Lainey wrote about the Carters’ activism and it’s family work – Solange very rarely posts but this is obviously an exception. Matriarch Tina Lawson’s IG is a mix of actionable posts, tributes and news. As Beyoncé said on “Savage”, “I got this sh-t from Tina.” 


Usually this space is meant to be fun and a little ridiculous, but there’s nothing fun right now and ignoring what is happening around us in order to force some frivolity into the day feels like ignoring people’s pain and anger. I really don’t know how to approach writing this column for the foreseeable future, so I’m approaching celebrities the way I always have for this space – a little bit of gossip mixed in with a little bit of cultural context. As always, celebrities are a reflection of the story and our values. With that, a teeny bit of frivolity: Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich finally announced their divorce. This should come as no surprise – they didn’t make it through quarantine together, which is just one sign that their romantic relationship was ending. But with this official ending, there are signs that Julianne has already moved forward in her plans – she’s aiming to be a fitness and wellness entrepreneur with Kinrgy. This is what she’s been working towards and you can see the rise coming. Sometimes, personal strife can really push a person’s career.

Armie Hammer has always been total sh-t at social media – remember when he threw a tantrum over Anne Helen Petersen’s BuzzFeed profile and quit Twitter? A year later, he got tangled in yet another mess when he involved himself in conversations about Stan Lee. His most recent Instagram post is all kinds of tone deaf because he’s not only been quarantining in the Cayman Islands but he posted this and then limited the comments. He has a different tone on Twitter, but chugging a drink and golfing is not what to put into people’s Instagram feed right now. Read the room, Armie. Big yikes. 


Do you have a friend who has very different political views as you? Has it affected your relationship? John Legend has said that he and Kanye are no longer close – this is not a surprise. In April 2018, John texted Kanye about Ye’s support for MAGA and Kanye publicly posted the texts, which might have put a damper on things. What’s interesting though is that their wives were once tight; Kim threw a baby shower for Chrissy Teigen (also in 2018). They don’t seem to interact much anymore on social media. I don’t think Chrissy and John ever made it out to one of the Sunday Services either.

Remember how dangerous the media and powers-that-be made this seem in the 90s? And how much the message was purposefully twisted the same way taking a knee was twisted? Below is Trevor Noah on why every protest is “not the right way.”

Garcelle Beauvais is working a new job as a Housewife on a franchise that’s dominated by white women. And you can bet her castmates are paying more attention to what is going in the world because of her – maybe the audience, too. 

We know it was only a matter of time before a quarantine cheating story broke. We’ve been waiting for details of how people are keeping up with their side-pieces during a pandemic. Do you think it’s easier or harder to cheat during quarantine? I think it depends on what kind of cheating you are doing. For example, someone who cheats online (sexting, OnlyFans, sliding into people’s DMs) might find it easy because our attachment to our devices has skyrocketed. But for those who physically cheat, it’s much harder (for obvious reasons). You not only need an excuse to leave the house, but you also need to assess risk. According to Josh Lucas’s ex-wife Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, he found a way. 


I’ve been waiting for this piece and so glad Kathryn VanArendonk at Vulture has written it: “Cops Are Always The Main Characters”. How has decades of centering law enforcement stories affected how we view the police? It’s a question we need to examine and not just accept that the majority of time; in TV and in films, cops are the “by any means necessary” good guys. 

Thank you for asking Cher but honestly? Not great!