Model/actor/It Boy Lukas Sabbat is being sued by an eyewear company for “failure to influence”. This sounds like a case for the Millennial People’s Court.


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Have you listened to the goop podcast with Julia Roberts? GP is not a great interviewer, at all. She often brings the conversation back to herself, to her experiences, her feelings, her interests. Even if there is an interesting exchange, instead of a follow-up question, Gwyneth offers an anecdote or some insight she wants to share. But what did interest me is the namedropping. Julia mentioned a few celebrities: Oprah (obviously), Clooney (of course), Amy Sedaris (a nice surprise) and, in a roundabout way, Emmy Rossum. She didn’t mention Emmy by name, but as Sam Esmail’s wife. They have game nights together. I’ve suddenly become extremely interested in Emmy Rossum. 


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What’s the odds on Priyanka’s wedding dress having feathers? 


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Oh for f-ck’s sake. This is not fashion, it is a costume. He gets paid for this you guys, as a brand ambassador for Gucci. But please Jared Leto, tell us how models make too much money


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Why won’t Rebel Wilson concede the point? All she would have to say is “I misspoke” or “I was mistaken” or something. She might do it on the press tour, but why not just admit you were wrong now? Why go into the press tour with this cloud hanging over your head?


PEOPLE  has been doing some subtle reporting on Justin Bieber’s state of mind, with “sources” coming from his camp. The latest is that he feels “empty” but is leaning on Hailey Baldwin. I don’t know what kind of emptiness they are talking about – is it an extended case of the Sunday Scaries, or something more serious? Because if it is, Hailey won’t fix that for him. But they are 21 and 24 and married, so maybe they don’t know that yet. 


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If you were on Instagram at all this weekend, you would have seen this video of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt urging Americans to vote. The video is pretty self-explanatory, but what I find interesting is Justin’s caption. It’s true, he does stay out of politics. So who asked him to post this? His manager Scooter Braun is politically active, so it might have been him. Or are Brad and Leo’s people asking for it to be reposted? What’s also interesting is that Leo is leaving “thank you” comments for celebs who repost it, like Orlando Bloom, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Kate Hudson. This is the first time I’ve ever noticed Leo (or someone from his team) interacting on social media. And if they are tracking the video’s engagement, would it tempt Brad into participating in social media, if only for philanthropic reasons? I’m surprised neither he nor Angelina have joined, just to be stake out the territory. 


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 Attached - Justin and Hailey out in LA on the weekend.