Remember yesterday, when I wrote about Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks’ feud? This is why. These insults will have legs and I want us all to be informed. 

Hugh Jackman is one of the cheeriest celebs out there, yet he frowns in his sleep.


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Interesting career move for Karlie Kloss and interesting choices for the panel. Cristian Siriano as the mentor is going to be fresh, because he actually dresses a wide range of women and doesn’t adhere to the old school mentality of “chicness,” which favored cuts that flatter one body type.


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I’m mad at whoever runs the camera at WWHL, the dishiest celebrity talk show. Here’s why: Lena Dunham was asked about Taylor Swift, blah blah blah, obviously she’s going to compliment her. But who is sitting next to Lena? Maggie Gyllenhaal, of the Gyllenhaal family. This was a missed opportunity for a reaction shot. Last time Maggie was on WWHL, she was asked about Taylor’s scarf and was highly confused



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If you can get through this clip of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban singing together, you are stronger than me. The closed eyes made me uncomfortable. 


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Back in 2016, Kathleen wrote about #poormichelle, and how Michelle Williams was starting to embrace her role as the third most popular member of Destiny’s Child. And that’s OK. There can only be one Beyoncé. And she still has her spot in the inner circle (literally, she was part of the prayer circle in one of the OTR II photo montages) and she mentions Bey in this trailer clip for her reality show. 


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Remember when Ryan Adams broke up with Mandy Moore, then wrote a letter to the tabloids to express that he must be free of her in order to “remain punk as f-ck”. They subsequently got married and divorced. In an new interview with Glamour, Mandy said she “didn’t choose the right person” and she felt spiritually and fundamentally stuck. It’s not scandalous nor is it breaking news. But “punk as f-ck” Ryan is in his feelings over it. First off, he tries to insult her taste. (Blade Runner? So edgy, Ryan!) and then tries to brush her off as inconsequential. So inconsequential he doesn’t even remember her. Okkkkkkkkk, that’s why you are responding to a clickbait headline about her. Because you don’t care. 


Vulture summed it up perfectly, calling him a “douchebag liberal arts major ex” and Ryan snapped, as the kids say. (Vulture didn’t tag him so he must have been searching his name. Nothing says “punk as f-ck” as searching your name on Twitter.)


But wait, one more thing: in response to a fan, he said this:

I want to break this down: first off, he says that he was stuck to a soggy cardboard box (her). That’s not exactly something you say when you’ve moved on, is it? He’s trying so hard to give her a deep dig. Then he says, “take the money/I’ll take my pride any day.” Since he brought up money, I would like to point out that he left Mandy with 8 of their pets, including the cost for their care, even though he made significantly more money than her at the time. These days, we know Mandy can afford all the pets because of This Is Us. Her hit. Her freedom. Like the legend says, “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.”


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