This is a reboot that would actually work.

Nicole Cliffe is one of the only good things on the Internet; her Twitter feed is wonderful and her Feed and Caring column on Slate is empathetic and smart. But do not press her when it comes to the March family.

Kit Harington is back to work. Will we ever stop calling him Jon Snow?


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Brooklyn Beckham and Hana Cross have split and apparently had a “tense” run-in at a fashion week party, but neither has deleted the other from Instagram. Does this mean there’s a chance at reconciliation, or that they are at a breakup stalemate, waiting for the other person to make the next move?


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Spider-Man: Far From Home is the giggliest version of Jake Gyllenhaal we will probably ever see. 


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Lainey has talked about fame 3.0, which is the mixing of reality TV stars with TV and movie stars. Is Rachel Bilson joining that club? Social media sleuths think she might be dabbling in Bachelor Nation, but so far it’s just some mild flirting in the comments.


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Brad Pitt isn’t afraid to eat on camera – there are super cuts dedicated to this.   


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Charlie Hunnam has had a shaky movie career (although he absolutely made the right decision to peace out from Fifty Shades of Grey before it started filming). He’s going back to TV for a limited series for Apple TV, which has gobs of money but needs to build a library. Viewers are definitely going to be lured to the platform by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, but does Charlie have that same name recognition and draw? Since Sons of Anarchy, he hasn’t found the project that takes him to the next level.


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