Sophie Turner has signed on for a Quibi, a streaming platform with deep pockets that is being billed as a tech and entertainment start-up. It already has $1b in investments and a production slate that includes a Steven Spielberg horror series, Chrissy’s Court (with Chrissy Teigen), Kill the Efrons (an adventure show with Zach and his brother) and Frat Boy Genius (based around the life of Snapchat founder and Miranda Kerr’s husband, Evan Spiegel). What separates Quibi (quick bites, get it?) is that it is meant for mobile viewing in 10 minute segments. Instagram videos has gone up to 10 minutes, and those are free. YouTube videos can be 10 minutes and again, those are free. How are they going to get people to sign up for another streaming platform?


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Madonna’s Madame X Tour, which had been delayed, started in New York last night. It’s a big departure for her because instead of stadiums, she’s working in smaller theatres and doing multiple nights in select cities. Early reviews are in and they are quite positive (audience members had to lock up their phones). If you’ve seen Madonna live, you know the show is very tight and rehearsed down to the second, so one thing that stands out in the reviews is that she looks relaxed. It’s also heavy on her new album because Madonna doesn’t trade on nostalgia, no matter how much the audience wants it.


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You don’t see a lot of Hermès ready-to-wear on the red carpet, but this dress on Kaley Cuoco (styled by Brad Goreski) makes me wonder why not. It’s a great dress with a beautiful fit. But Hermès isn’t Gucci or LV or Prada in that it doesn’t court celebrities or run splashy ad campaigns. The family still owns a majority of the shares and is one of the few fashion houses to resist being bought out by LVMH or Kering, two companies that own most of the luxury lines.


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People are fired from SNL all the time; the most recent is Shane Gillis, who got a phone call. A conversation. Unlike Sarah Silverman (fired by fax), Jenny Slate (who read about it on Deadline) or many others (from Adam Sandler to Taran Killam) who were released from their contract with no explanation. Shane Gillis got way more consideration than people who have actually performed on the show.


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Sexiest Man Alive is announced in November, and back in the summer I thought it would be one of the Chrises (Pratt was my specific guess) or John Legend, but I would like to amend it to Brad Pitt, who last held the title in 2000. It’s contingent on him wanting it and what happens with his (non) Oscars campaign. But no one can deny the worthiness. No one will be fighting Brad Pitt as Sexiest Man Alive. (Lainey: excuse me but I already predicted Keanu Reeves – if he wants it.)