If Good Girls has an upshot in views from streaming, could it be brought back? I mean why not, everything else does. 


Speaking of popular on streaming, Yellowstone took a long break and that allowed a lot of people to discover it on a streaming service and catch up to the current season. So it has a whole new audience with a combination of time and bingeing. 

One more thing on TV: I watched the first episode of Mayor of Kingstown. Say what you will about Jeremy Renner (and I DO), but he’s a very good at picking projects.


Kathy Griffin posted some Hasselbeck potatoes but here’s the thing about making them: I find they need a LOT of toppings and basting and layering to get any flavour out of them. Is this just what it takes or am I doing something wrong?

Oh I meant to talk about this yesterday: Busy Philipps talked about Chris Pratt on her podcast and it wasn’t flattering. This is interesting because celebrities don’t often sh-t talk each other so publicly, but Busy is pretty open with her opinions. But there’s more to it because she’s not just commenting on his Instagram, she’s talking about someone she once knew. She vacationed with Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, which to me is pretty far into a friendship. And she said he drank a lot, which makes me the most curious because Busy enjoys her “margs.” So what does “drinks a lot” mean, exactly?


All due respect to Madonna because she is a music video pioneer, but there are lots of artists making cinematic music videos. Taylor Swift just released a 15-minute film!

Lainey picks the outfit of the week and I want to nominate someone – Jurnee Smollet in Valentino. The floral mixed with the sheer and the colour, so beautiful on her.


Which business manager told celebrities that tequila is profitable? Because everyone wants their name on a bottle right now.