Lainey made her Sexiest Man Alive predictions and I’m going left with this one: Jeremy Allen White. Short king, hot TV show, prestigious movie coming out (that he won't be able to promote unless the strike is settled or the studio has a waiver). Long shot, I know but that’s why I like it. 


My other guess is another TV king: Pedro Pascal. Maybe even a better chance than Jeremy.


Have you read Mikael Woods’s piece on Jason Aldean for the LA Times? Jason Aldean has set himself up as a bit of an anti-woke cultural warrior but when pressed, he doesn’t seem to be able to articulate his politics. Woods does an excellent job with follow-up questions and Jason’s talking points quickly fall into an uncle’s Facebook conspiracy theory feed. He’s not hardcore QAnon but he (Jason) cites laws and mentions certain crimes that are a social media dog whistle. The LA Times included citations and fact checking.


Lainey wrote about Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon yesterday and I agree that these “lovey dovey” stories are toothless and also, as a gossip, annoying. If there’s no photos, I don’t want to hear an analogue account of an interaction unless it’s juicy!


You may not know Emma and Jens Grede but you know their work: they are the creative minds behind massive brands like Good American, SKIMS, Frame, Mr. Porter (the men’s Net-a-porter) and more. They were trailblazers in turning celebrities from spokespeople into artistic directors and designers and even though their work is fascinating, so little is exposed here because they are cagey. The Cut’s Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz gives us a little peek behind the curtain and I want more.


There’s a fierce debate – again- about plane etiquette. This time it is about whether or not it is rude to recline your seat. I don’t recline because I’m short and don’t need the space. Would I like more space? Of course, who wouldn’t. But it doesn’t cause me discomfort to NOT recline, so I don’t. On the other hand, I am accustomed to people in front of me putting their seat back immediately after take-off, which is their right, but I wish people would adjust it when it’s drinks and meal time. Having a reclined seat and a tray down is torture. And I think everyone can agree that the blame for this mess goes to the team that decides how many seats go onto an airplane because apparently, none of those people have ever been crammed into a plane for hours on end with a seatback inches from their face. I’m going back to Mindy Kaling for the photo because people are still debating her plane salad. I’m pro plane salad!