You guys, I’ve just realised that we’re now in March 2020 and this is my first post about Celine Dion all year, what the F-CK. Sorry. It’s just that there haven’t been all that many pictures. She also lost her ma a month ago and, well, it didn’t seem right to be posting about her during her grieving period. But Celine is now spending a week in the New York area on tour and she’s serving us some looks. So… here we are, at last, for a check-in with the Queen Of All Feelings. 

Celine’s now only about halfway through the Courage world tour. She started in September 2019. She’ll conclude in September 2020 in London. That’s a long ass time and more and more we are starting to hear more and more artists talk about the toll that tour life takes on you. Touring is hard on your body, it’s hard on your soul, we have seen how it has devastated certain entertainers. That some, some artists can handle it better, in particular the more experienced ones. Like Celine. She seems to be thriving on tour. 

And it shows. As in it shows in the show. I saw her back in December – it was basically a religious experience. I’m not the only one who feels this way. The New York Times just reviewed the concert and even they weren’t immune to … her power. It is a power, isn’t it? To be that over-the-top, and corny, and still be irresistible, and pull people into that cheese bomb with you. What’s the key? This is a great assessment of why Celine cannot be denied:

“Her utter lack of self-consciousness, irrepressible good nature and delirious ad-libbing have long made Dion an eccentric outlier in the often cynical world of pop stardom.”

Lack of self-consciousness, that’s exactly it. She doesn’t care about being cool which makes her the coolest. And this isn’t something she’s just put on – she’s ALWAYS been like this. And that means it’s all the more real. Variety’s review of the show was similarly effusive. You have six months, if you’re able to, get to see her.