Joe Alwyn who is currently dating Taylor Swift is playing the character that Joseph Fiennes took on when Cate Blanchett was Elizabeth. He was a hot Dudley, at least I thought so then. But that was also around the time that he was a hot Will Shakespeare, in Shakespeare In Love with, of course, Gwyneth Paltrow. And G won the Oscar that year over Cate’s Virgin Queen which people still can’t quite get over. (Dlisted) 

Two summers ago – I think? Or was it more than that – I was alllll about Brandon Flowers. But I also said, at the time, that I’m fickle. And it’s hard for me to sustain a crush. I forget about my crushes if they’re not around to remind me. If they are around, sometimes the smallest things, like the way their feet look in a certain pair of shoes, will kill my boner. But The Killers just released a new song. And there’s a fun disco vibe to it. And Brandon Flowers is on promotion. So there are new pictures. And he looks GOOD. Time to fire up that crush again. (Just Jared) 

Have you been wearing slip dresses a lot this summer? I do love a slip dress but I need to know what you do in a slip dress with your bra. I’m all about sports bras so lately, I’ve been leaving on my sports bras underneath my slip dresses and making it seem like it’s part of the look. Not all slip dresses work with a sports bra though. And I haaaaate bandeaus. (Refinery29) 

Chrissy Teigen looking glorious in a Gucci dress on the cover of the new Marie Claire. I love this look on her. Normally on red carpets she does the sheer-cut-out body-con thing. But she can clearly also work the high collar, Gucci vibe. I still have deep feelings about the current Gucci vibe. Deep = good. How long will it last? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Do you want to accessorise with feeling? Should you just carry around any bag or should your bag be heavy with all the feelings, in addition to your wallet, and keys, and phone, and sunglasses, and lipgloss, and wipes? What? You don’t carry around wipes in your bag? Well you should. I always have a pack of wipes. You never know when you have to wipe something down. I want to believe that Celine must have wipes too. (Jezebel) 

Gwyneth Paltrow, the CEO, on The Today Show. Talking about how her “board” appointed her last year. And what it’s like to run a “real business”. But what about acting? She says she’ll still “do a little bit here and there”. And then she recommends vitamins to Matt Lauer. I like it most when she talks about being a teenage girl and raising one now. (Entertainment Weekly)