I don’t know how I missed this the first time around but you can bet that now that it’s in my life, I’m never letting it go. Charo! Charo is here to help us through social distancing and coronavirus survival! First, it was her handwashing video which is more delight than we probably deserve and now she’s demonstrating for us how you can still greet people while maintaining a safe distance. I don’t know that any of us will look as good as she does while doing it but, still, with Charo in mind, may we all be inspired. Speaking of looks though – how she does she look exactly the same?! (Dlisted) 


There’s a lot of bullsh-t behaviour happening in the news right now and some bullsh-t leadership too. So let’s highlight the work of people who are not bullsh-t at all but who are helping in any way they can, giving of their time and energy and even, in some cases, their own health in order to fight this pandemic. The helpers are indeed everywhere. (Pajiba) 

Fug Madness continues with more head-to-head matchups and you’ll see here that Margot Robbie is going up against Shania Twain which might seem like a no-brainer but… I voted for Shania. You know why? Because Margot Robbie + Chanel has underwhelmed me, and Shania’s fashion has always been consistent with, well, Shania’s fashion. (Go Fug Yourself) 

If you need more confirmation about the British tabloids and their campaign against Meghan Markle, Simon Rex reveals that he was offered all kinds of money to LIE about his encounter with her, which he turned down. But how many people didn’t? (Cele|bitchy) 

The Covid-19 pandemic and its resulting lockdown is affecting people in different ways, and all of them suck. People are being laid off. Small business is taking a huge hit. Families are stressed. So there’s no one need that’s bigger than the next. It’s about understanding that so many people are hurting. Including the drag industry. Here’s a piece about how these artists are being affected by coronavirus shutdowns and here’s an update about a new digital festival that’s being planned to fill the drag gap during social distancing. (EW)