Knives Out premiered last night, and that extremely good cast showed up, looking extremely good. I am missing Lakeith Stanfield, an underrated hottie, but check out Chris Evans in that winter white suit with the striped knit tie. I stared at this suit in close zoom for a long time, trying to determine if the pattern is just a tone-on-tone stripe or, gasp, CORDUROY, and after much staring and some googling, it is, yes, CORDUROY. Chris Evans is wearing a WHITE CORDUROY suit (the ID goes to Brunello Cucinelli). This look is Handsome Challenge Level Ten. Only Chris Evans can make a WHITE CORDUROY suit work.

You know what’s not working? Daniel Craig in that one button double-breasted suit in banker grey. It is certainly A Look, but not one anybody should be wearing outside, where they can be seen. Not even 007 can work a one button double-breasted suit. That’s even crazier than white corduroy.

But I really want to talk about Ana de Armas. I clocked her back in 2015, in the Keanu Reeves thriller Knock Knock, and then she had a little bit of a breakout with Blade Runner 2049 in 2017. Now she’s going for the I Have Arrived trifecta of Knives Out, in which she is arguably the main character (some people will say Daniel Craig or Chris Evans, because they are more famous, but de Armas is on screen A LOT), and No Time to Die and Andrew Dominik’s adaptation of Blonde next year—she’s playing Norma Jeane, a major role if ever there is one. She’s certainly dressing like a leading lady, rocking an awesome lady tux at last month’s BFI screening of Knives Out, and donning this Little House on the Prairie by way of Chanel dress last night. I don’t really care for this dress, but it’s still better than a one button double-breasted suit. Ana de Armas is about to have A Moment, and she’s dressing for it.