Remember when The Best Chris had a black eye? Every time I see a trailer or news about his latest collaboration with Patty Jenkins, a TNT mini-series called I Am The Night, I think of Chris’s black eye. At the time of shooting, it was reported that the busted face was due to “an incident on set". In the series’ newly released trailer, Chris’s black eye is on full display. So, they either wrote it in or he was sporting the shiner the whole time while in character. The trailer reveals a lot more about the vibe of the series, which looks like a film noir version of True Detective, but my priority is clearly Chris’s face. 

The truth is I focused on my Chris’s face because I am watching this trailer alone in my condo and it’s creeping the sh-t out of me. I Am The Night follows the true story of the infamous Black Dahlia murder. According to Rolling Stone, it’s based on the memoir One Day She’ll Darken. 

“[I Am The Night] tells the story of Faith Hodel, a teenage girl who travels to late-1940s Los Angeles to search out her birth father, a prominent doctor with a sordid past. Chris Pine plays a reporter who helps Hodel in her treacherous journey into Hollywood’s dark underbelly.

The “prominent doctor with a sordid past” may have been responsible for the Black Dahlia murder. It’s a serious story that also touches on themes of race and identity (Faith was adopted by a black woman) that are no laughing matter but there’s a specific Chris Pine line in this trailer that made me howl with laughter.

Not once but twice, Chris Pine screams, “CAN YA DIG IT?” I’m sorry, without context that is the funniest sh-t I’ve ever seen. Give Chris Pine an Emmy for yelling that line with a straight face. TWICE. He’s so talented. 

The trailer opens with Chris and Patty Jenkins introducing the teaser and reminding everyone that they are also working together on Wonder Woman 1984. I was very committed to making an 80s “can ya dig” joke but I just spent way too much time researching the origins of the slang and it’s more 60s than 80s. This is why I’m not a comedian. Anyway, I like that Patty and Chris are leaning into their director/actor relationship. I like that they’re entering Peak TV together. The trailers aren’t a lot to go on yet but the show looks decent. I can dig it. 

I Am The Night premieres January 28th. 

Here's Chris Pine out in London last week.