Almost a full-team Chris Day. Maybe Chris Pratt will step out later today. For now, here’s a post about the third Chris of the day, Chris Pine at the club to play tennis. Chris Pine is Kathleen’s Best Chris. Today, as mentioned earlier, Chris Hemsworth is my Best Chris. I specified today because I’m a really fickle person and the smallest things can end my crushes. Recently I have, or had, a crush on a guy at the gym who shows up to work out at the same time that I do maybe two or three times a month. When he’s there, I get a buzz of excitement. Until last Thursday when my headphones fell off while he was doing an exercise nearby and I heard him breathing for the first time. There’s always someone at the gym who’s really extra about their breathing. He was so extra with his breathing, I immediately lost interest and never want to see him again. 

Exercise is tricky for attraction in general. I don’t think Jacek would ever have wanted to date me if he first saw me at the gym. I have ugly exercise form. There is nothing more unattractive than me doing burpees. Some people look so f-cking great doing a burpee, I don’t know how to achieve that. Which is the flipside to the exercise attraction thing. It can kill a crush or it can enhance it. A few weeks after we started dating, I went to go watch Jacek play hockey. He is a beautiful skater, so hot on the ice. That totally helped. 

So let’s go back to Chris Pine and the tennis. I don’t know what he actually looks like when he plays tennis. Maybe he’s a really good tennis player and maybe he’s such a good tennis player that it makes up for his not-so-great tennis clothes? Tennis, generally, isn’t a hard sport for clothes. Wrestling? Wrestling is a hard sport for clothes, now that’s a high degree of difficulty. Tennis though? Tennis, you’d think, is easy. So why am I having such a problem with Chris’s shorts?