Chris Pratt hosted a special screening of A Quiet Place in LA on Wednesday with John Krasinski. It’s not like their friendship is a secret; they’re super bro-y on Instagram and support each other’s charity efforts. Plus, Chris was so taken with A Quiet Place that back in April, he recorded a reaction video from his car that John later laughed about on Seth Meyers. It’s cute. Just two super popular, likable stars that are totally in the same orbit. And they look really happy together at this special screening.

These recent photos have already led to a few The Office and Parks and Recreation crossover jokes online: 

A Quiet Place is ramping up its Best Picture campaign, after receiving a ton of love from AFI, the National Board of Review and the Critics’ Choice awards, with a bonus SAG Award nomination for Emily Blunt this week. At this point, getting A Quiet Place in the “(up to)10” for Best Picture does not seem like a stretch. Five Gold Derby experts have it in their 10. It’s looking even more within grasp, especially with this friendly promo boost. Lainey’s been writing about the growth of A Quiet Place for a couple of weeks, mentioning it in her Last Christmas post yesterday, and she wrote about how “everybody loves Emily” on Wednesday. Let’s not forget that Emily and John’s longtime friend Matt Damon is showing up for her at the world premiere of Mary Poppins Returns, happily posing for the press. Presumably, he loves A Quiet Place too, and would include it in his 10.

But the play here seems to be that any visibility for Team Blunt helps her chances at a possible Best Actress nomination for Poppins, or his chances for their movie all around. Love for A Quiet Place is only getting louder, but the ripple effect of that goodwill strategy and any A-list association could subsequently bump a Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Viola Davis, Roma’s Yalitza Aparicio or Rosamund Pike out of contention for other movies in the mix. 

Then last night, I noticed this. Ben Affleck wrote an ode to John Krasinski, and A Quiet Place, in Variety, as directors praised their “favourite movies of 2018".

Among many other fawning things, Ben writes:

"Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s portrayal of parents willing to sacrifice everything for their children’s survival ignites something relatable in us all.  … The storytelling is highly visual and Krasinski’s work doesn’t feel like that of an actor tentatively shuffling around behind the camera, but rather that of a sure-footed general, commandingly ushering the audience through each twist and turn. Even more impressive, in Krasinski’s deft hands, “A Quiet Place” becomes a monster movie not about monsters, but about humanity itself."

So that brings the Team Blunt movie star public ally tally to three: Matt Damon, Chris Pratt, and Ben Affleck. All of them have their own tentacles and influence. On top of Paul Thomas Anderson who also hosted a screening for A Quiet Place in November. That’s only the ones who are doing it out in the open. 

All this is swirling as Matt gears up to host the holiday episode of SNL this weekend. It’s typically a very cameo-heavy show. Sure, Emily was just promoting Mary Poppins Returns in London, and John was just in Hollywood for that special screening, but doesn't a cameo seem like it's likely, given the Mary Poppins Returns release next Wednesday? 

Two years ago, I was in the audience when Matt and Ben surprised Emily and John at their live read of Good Will Hunting, at the beginning of the Manchester by the Sea campaign hustle… which Matt and John both produced. Will Emily and John return the favour this time around, on Matt’s big night?

Who else will Ben and Matt recruit to join Team Blunt? How long will it be until Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds rejoin the chorus? I’m giving it an over-under of three weeks.