Coachella and Stagecoach will not require masks this year and you don’t have to be vaxxed to go. Which I guess means that people can plan their flower crown outfits without worrying about it not coordinating with their masks. For what it’s worth, whenever this pandemic is over, I’m still living a mask life – which was pretty standard all across East Asia pre-COVID. Like any time I’m ever on a plane from now on? The mask will be up. Which also means I’ll probably get beat up by some anti-masker. (Dlisted)


The FUG Girls are speaking the truth here – wherever Emma Thompson goes, she is having the best time, a better time than anyone else. Which is a great way to live life, and yes, I know, her life is charmed and it’s rare that Emma finds herself at some sh-tty place she wants to exit but there are a lot of celebrities who grumble and groan about these appearances and here’s Emma, bringing the party to the party all by herself. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Meanwhile in other royal news, Prince William and Kate will have to work harder and “shoulder more of the workload”. They’re going to the Caribbean next month. (Cele|bitchy) 

Richard Madden is on holiday, here are some photos of him on the beach. I wonder if he fell asleep in the sun. F-ck, I love sun-sleeping. I love any-time sleeping, and I can sleep any-time anywhere. Including the sun. Sun sleeps are mega open-mouth for me. Drool everywhere. (OMG Blog) 

Julia Fox’s first misstep! Taking on Azealia Banks is never, ever a good idea. There is no way Julia wins against Azealia and it was stupid to do it now, right after walking NYFW for LaQuan Smith. But then again, an online fight is a Julia’s generation’s Achilles heel. The influencer’s Achilles heel. They can never resist a fight. Resistance, period, is their Achilles heel. As Maria texted me today, the coolest thing Julia could have done is disappear for a while. That’s what I would recommend. (Uproxx)