Colin Firth has released a statement about Woody Allen. Well, more like a sentence, really. And it’s hard to read tone into it. Which is good, in the one sense, because that statement is clear, definitive, leaves no room for interpretation. But… why do I keep hearing, like, exasperation in his voice when I imagine him saying it? This is probably unfair of me and I want to check that. However, if that’s how you’re hearing it, let me know so I’m not the only asshole. (Silence, silence, silence.) OK, I’m the only asshole. (Dlisted) 

Reading this and watching it will make you angry and I’m sorry about that. But I also think it might be necessary. Because the F-CKING NERVE of this piece of sh-t, which is almost too generous of descriptor for him. The NERVE. To say that it’s too “hard” for him to listen to his victims state on the record how they’ve been broken and, most importantly, how they’ve worked to put themselves together again. After your anger, hopefully you will find some peace in hearing what the judge says. If there is any goddamn peace to be found, goddamn. (Pajiba) 

This footage is amazing. I want it this documentary to be like Grey Gardens vibes, but without the raccoons, obviously. As if. And then after that becomes a cult film for 30 years, yes, they should turn it into a feature. Only I don’t want to wait 30 years for that either because…OMG who would you cast?! (OMG! Blog) 

OK. These pants. They’re bad. I can’t defend them and I won’t try. And I’m not sure there’s going to be an adequate answer as to why or how these pants are sheer. But. I also have a problem with the hair? What is this hairstyle? Curly tendrils on either side of the face? I almost find that more offensive? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Mmmmm, yeah, not a strong showing on SJP’s part here. Because, ultimately, another woman made a choice to not take a job that she didn’t believe in, that she didn’t want. Even if there were other people who wanted to do it. And she was made to feel like a dick for saying no. Which only reinforces that expectation that women should just be grateful and say yes. Also? How about the fact that nobody was asking for the third SATC movie to begin with, God! (Cele|bitchy) 

There’s been a lot of talk this week about Aziz Ansari and what it means and back and forth and debate and etc. Sarah wrote about it a few days ago, thoughtfully sharing what it means to be a young woman having to navigate all the complications that come with having sex and the very real precautions and considerations women have to make every day because so many men just don’t get it. To add to that, Samantha Bee put it this way: “If you say you’re a feminist, then f-ck like a feminist.” (VOX)