Dear Gossips,

So have you started watching Dogs on Netflix yet? Sasha texted me about the series the other day. She said that she’s never cried so much in her life. She also said that she was worried that my husband, Jacek, might not be able to deal. That it would be too much for his heart. She didn’t seem to be worried about my heart. But as I said a couple of weeks ago when the trailer came out, that f-cking Netflix algorithm is coming for our hearts, all of our hearts, even those of us who have no hearts. The algorithm will create one and stick it inside of you and make you feel things.  

Jacek and I watched the first episode last night. Well wasn’t that a goddamn mess. At one point, a little girl called Megan holds onto the handle that’s strapped onto her service dog’s back, to steady her as she’s walking, and I heard a hitch coming out of Jacek’s mouth. It was because Strax, the dog, had looked up reassuringly at his ward. Strax knows what his job is and he does it well. Strax is such a good boy. They’re all good boys and girls. 

So by the end of it all, it was too much. If you’ve been on Twitter the last few days, it’s too much for a lot of people. There’s been a lot of crying over Dogs, even though Netflix has already reassured people that no dogs die in Dogs. The Daily Beast calls it the “heartwarming, feel-good TV series of the year”. We could only manage one episode. But, probably, humanity needs a lot more episodes right now. This series is about how much dogs love us, how kind they are to us, how much kinder they are to us than, sometimes, we are to ourselves. 

Yours in gossip,