Tom Cruise returns as Pete Mitchell, call sign “Maverick”, in the Top Gun sequel this summer. Or, at least, it’s supposed to be this summer. All these years later, Maverick is a flight instructor – he’s training new pilots, he’s sending his own bad asses up in the air!

And in real life, that’s happening too because Tom’s co-star, Glen Powell, just got his pilot’s licence and reveals on Instagram that it was Tom Cruise who paid for his lessons. But first he talks about how cool it is when they’re done after a day of shooting and everybody leaves in their boring ass cars and there’s Tom taking off IN HIS PLANE. 

Can you… can you just picture this? In the parking lot, everybody’s like, hey see you tomorrow, and there’s Tom peace-ing out on wings instead of wheels! I mean, it’s already a look when someone pulls away on a motorcycle but an airplane is next level. It’s so f-cking extra. It’s so f-cking Tom Cruise. And we love it, right? That’s how we like our Tom Cruise: Tom Cruise doesn’t need a driver! He doesn’t sit in the back seat! Tom Cruise is always in control!


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Anyway, inspired by Tom, Glen is now capable of flying himself home after work. Interesting though that this is Glen Powell sharing the story because, remember, Glen read for the lead role alongside Tom in the movie and the part ended up going to Miles Teller. But they all liked Glen so much that they created an opportunity in the movie for him. And now he’s following in Tom’s footsteps, at least in aviation. I wonder…what else will he pick up from Tom? 

Here’s Tom in London arriving on a helicopter. Production on the new Mission: Impossible movie in Venice was suspended a couple of weeks ago. Tom loves to work and right now he can’t work. How’s he spending his time?