Gwyneth Paltrow has posted photos of her wedding on goop. Earlier this year, I was expecting that the wedding would be packaged in goop magazine. But that was before goop and Condé Nast broke up. You know, because, Condé Nast wanted them to fact-check things. What a pain in the ass, those fact-checkers, right? So here we are. Pictures from the rehearsal dinner, behind-the-scenes of the wedding. Pretty much your typical Instagram/Pinterest wedding. As I told you, there was a hashtag #TheFaltrows. And, of course, the dress. Valentino, which was always one of the predicted options. Bridesmaids dresses by Monique Lhuillier. So…was it what you expected? Remember, G and Chris Martin never had a traditional wedding. So, um, yeah, this is G’s bride “fantasy”. I like the cap sleeves. I hate everything else, especially the nude effect. What I do love though is seeing Cameron Diaz in that photo of Cameron Diaz getting ready next to G. And the celebrities popping up here and there throughout this album. Robert Downey Jr, of course. Ryan Murphy, of course. Weirdly I don’t see the Seinfelds. They hosted the rehearsal dinner.   

F-ck Gwyneth’s wedding – this should be the biggest headline of the day, OMGGGGG. A hot dog is a sandwich! Is this official now?! Can it be official? A hotdog is definitely a sandwich. You know why? Because we don’t have to be sandwich purists. That said, did you know it’s National Sandwich Day tomorrow? I came up with the BEST sandwich for National Sandwich Day. It’s not a hotdog though. It’s how sandwich purists would picture a sandwich. Wait. Am I changing my mind now about sandwiches? GAH! (Dlisted) 

Are you attracted to John Mulaney? I’m not. But I know you’re out there. Reveal yourselves. Apparently other people agree with you. John Mulaney is hot now…? (Pajiba) 

Well. If there were any doubts about whether or not Alec Baldwin has mellowed at all. Also… what is it about parking spots? I have seen so many parking spot fights, I’m surprised it’s not a show on TLC.  (TMZ) 

Yes. Yes. Yes. Christine Baranski is a queen. Also animal print is one of the big trends this season and she looks so good in this animal print dress. I’m trying to find a giraffe print t-shirt, if by any chance you see one. Thanks. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Oprah Winfrey gave an incredible speech in Georgia last night so you know what’s going to happen – people will start calling for her to run for president again. (Cele|bitchy)