Harry Styles is one of the faces of Gucci and his new campaign features little baby farm animals and their 2019 men’s tailoring collection. He’s done this to us before – pandered to the general public’s love of small furry things and a hot man in suits. He did it with puppies and cupcakes in a music video. He did it with a pet chicken in his last Gucci campaign

Looking hot while holding cute animals is Harry Styles’ thing now and it’s WORKING. This time, Harry’s furry friends of choice are a baby goat, lamb, and some piglets. Usually, I don’t like being reminded how cute these specific animals are because I’m a hypocritical animal lover who eats red meat and loves bacon more than most things in life. Harry Styles and these little babies are making me question everything. 


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Do I have to be a vegan now? That was a rhetorical question. Vegans, don’t @ me. 

Let’s talk about the clothes. I love everything, especially the man headband. Headbands are not comfortable and I am here for any article of menswear that makes it possible for men to feel the pain of women’s fashion. VOGUE calls Harry’s hairband a modern twist on a “Keith Richards-style headscarf,” proving once again that Harry is angling for the title of Proper British Rockstar.  

Harry even makes the weird wide collar trend look good but it’s not hard when you’ve got this face. 


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Nothing but respect for MY Hot Harry. Add Harry back to my celeb crush list that makes me, in Lainey’s words, “a fantasy philanderer".  Proudly. 

In other Harry Styles news, he spent the summer hanging out a lot with Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber and their kids, including newly minted supermodel, Kaia. Harry has been a close family friend for a while and Kaia is too young for him – he probably looks at her like a little sister – but do you think she’s got a crush on him? What 17-year-old girl (if she’s into boys) would NOT be crushing on Harry Styles if he was hanging around? I may be projecting but this campaign probably isn’t helping her crush.  

You can see more shots of Hot Harry and his cute animals here