In today’s edition of Celebrity Yacht Seasons, we find Andrew Garfield in Positano living his best boat life. Before we get to who he’s with, can we talk about the dive? I have great admiration for people who dive headfirst into the water. Before I started skipping gym class during the pool rotation, diving was part of the class plan. So it’s not like I don’t know how to dive, I do, I just hate it but I love watching people do it. 


Diving is one of my favourite sports to watch during the Olympics. It’s amazing how they can do so much with so little time! You know the one where they start on their tiptoes facing away from the pool and then jump back and start flipping? For me this is like how some people approach horror movies – you watch through your hands. I am always so freaked out by how close they come to the board. 

This, obviously, isn’t what Andrew’s doing but it’s part of the dive experience, just hurtling your body at the water leading with your head. And even when it’s performed safely there’s still that awful feeling when the water comes into every hole in your head – nose, ears, eyes… 

I can’t. This is where I prefer to go feet first, every time. 


As for Andrew and who he’s on holiday with – the woman next to him is model Helena Althof. Andrew’s last (known) girlfriend was a model, Alyssa Miller. They broke up last year. So are he and Helena a thing? Probably not, because Vito Schabel is also on this trip and Vito and Helena have been seen together lately. 

So it’s more likely that Helena and Vito are dating and Andrew’s there as a friend. Remember when we were all shipping him with Florence Pugh? Especially since they just worked on a film together? I guess they did not fall in love on set and the chemistry between them remained strictly friendly since there’s been no word of any continuation after the wrapped.