Yesterday in What Else?, I linked to an article about Tom Holland’s handstand t-shirt challenge and how he tagged Jake Gyllenhaal, and a couple of others, to do it next. Here, specifically, is what I wrote: 

“Is this a thing? I haven’t seen it on any of my timelines but I feel like my timeline algorithms are all skewed right now because, um, I spend a LOT of time on BTS. There’s a challenge happening where you have to do a handstand while putting a shirt on and Tom Holland did it and tagged Jake Gyllenhaal so now everybody’s rubbing one out in anticipation. Speaking of BTS, if Jungkook did this, Twitter would literally shut down. He would break it. This is not hyperbole. He owns the most heavily trafficked tweet of 2019 and, I think, of 2019. And he was fully clothed at the time. JK with his shirt on and showing his back muscles, considering that everyone is so curious about his tattoos too… it would be a major platform malfunction.”

Tom’s call was answered. My call was not. Jake Gyllenhall did the challenge – that is, he had his shirt off and then put a t-shirt on to promote Russ & Daughters, a restaurant in New York. 

He has a very nice body. Right now it looks like he has a yoga body, quite lean. Like not as big as he was, for example, in Southpaw. I prefer this Jake. And so did the internet because this went a bit viral yesterday, as expected. But nowhere near as viral as it would have if it was BTS’s Jungkook. Nowhere near as viral as Jungkook’s legs on Monday night after BTS’s appearance on James Corden’s Homefest when he was wearing skinny jeans. They were trending for hours worldwide. For the uninitiated, if you’re wondering why I keep talking about JK and this particular challenge, it’s because he has a perfect body – proportion, fitness, he looks great in clothes, both casual and formal – but he’s not super thirsty about showing his body, or any social media activity for that matter (he rarely posts), so if he were to participate in this challenge, and Christ, would someone f-cking tag him on this?!, he would snap the bandwidth. Please pass this message on to whatever famous person is next doing this goddamn shirtless handstand, Jesus. 

Jake did not, by the way, tag Jungkook. Here are his nominations: 

As for Tom Holland’s other nominations, Ryan Reynolds received the message and sent the correct response:

OK now back to Jake – who do you think took this video? Or did he mount it to something himself? Obviously what I’m trying to ask is whether or not you think Jake is in isolation with his girlfriend Jeanne Cadieu. They were last seen together in New York on March 12 apparently heading to the airport together. I’m thinking… he and Jeanne are with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard and their kids all together in Martha’s Vineyard? 

Attached - Jake Gyllenhaal out in Notting Hill at the beginning of March.