Technically, I’m supposed to be writing about Jennifer Aniston joining Vital Proteins as CCO (Chief Creative Officer) and global partner. This is a celebrity lifestyle word salad that means she’s the spokesperson and likely invested in the business. There are different tiers of celebrity spokespeople: usually the bigger the name, the larger the involvement. For example, Instagram influencers get paid per post. People like Jennifer Aniston get a title with “C” in it, as well as a piece of the pie on product royalties, shares in the company and, maybe, a big payout if it is acquired by a larger conglomerate. This is not her first go at this: she was part of Living Proof until it sold to Unilever in 2016; she was also a long-time spokesperson and investor for Smartwater. 


What is there to say about Jennifer and her protein powder? Clearly she prioritizes physical health and exercise as she’s spoken about it for years. In that way, this partnership fits and feels genuine. 


It also gives her a chance to use social media more. This October marked the one year anniversary of Jen joining Instagram, breaking records for followers. She is as popular there as she is in PEOPLE Magazine or on TV. Then, in January, there was The Reunion. No, not six friends sitting in a coffee shop on a soundstage. I’m talking about the one we were all waiting for – Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt backstage at the SAGs, she a winner in white, he hanging on for dear life. We ate that up, didn’t we? Even the most cynical gossip had a moment with that. And it’s not that we want that for her, but rather it was seeing her, 50, flirty and thriving, beyond over it. So many years of energy (from ALL involved) and headlines and rumours, for her to just walk past him with a smile, enjoying a moment that was bigger than their past.  


It was a satisfying shot and even though she could be petty about him if she wanted to, she has been gracious (like inviting him to her 50th birthday in February of 2019). She could ice him out of her large and famous group of friends, but why bother? Brad holds no power over her now. She’s the one who can say, “Hi, Pitt. How you doin’?” while twirling her hair, a moment that was flirtatious but not at all pining. He’s the one who blushes around her. 

In other significant news, in October she introduced us to a new pup, Lord Chesterfield. So, 2020: not great for most, but pretty good for Jennifer Aniston.