Jennifer Lopez is featured in the new issue of HOLA! USA. The interview and the shoot took place at her home in the Hamptons to promote her upcoming Spanish album. She tells the magazine that she’s never felt better, that she’s never been better. Here’s the thing about JLO though – even when she’s not feeling good, I don’t know how you would know. You would never know from the outside. And I’m talking straight up superficial here. JLO sometimes wears a sh-tty dress. And sometimes I don’t like her eye makeup. But JLO is never a mess. Even when she’s coming from the gym, that f-cking skin is always on.

I wonder if part of the reason for that JLO glow is because she’s almost always in love. Right? JLO doesn’t go too long in between. And she has said herself, time and again, that she loves love. Does she ever truly love though? Or does she just want to love? Is there a difference?

Right now, she’s in love with Alex Rodriguez. This is what she told HOLA! about their situation – and there’s no doubt, it’s LOOOOOOOVE, the most intense expression of JLO’s loving:

“I’m in a good relationship. I feel like I can say that for the first time— I don’t know — maybe ever. And not that I didn’t have great relationships, full of love and adventure, but this is the first relationship I’ve been where I feel like we really make each other better. We complement each other, and there’s really pure, true love. Just wanting to support the other person and make them happy. So there’s a different selflessness in the love that’s beautiful and different. And healthy!”

The first time?

Maybe ever?

Yes. For her, in her mind, it’s probably true. It’s true every single time JLO falls in love. That’s why she falls in love so much – because when she does, it’s like it’s never happened to her before. In some ways, this is not a bad way to live. In an ideal world, love wouldn’t leave scars and/or we would be able to experience new romances without feeling it through those scars. Few people can live this way though. JLO’s a f-cking unicorn in this way. It’s why I believe that she truly believes that she and ARod “really make each other better” and “complement each other”. The rest of us are looking at it like, girl… no. YOU make HIM better. You compliment – not complement – HIM. But it’s not like she can see it. Not until later. For about 5 minutes, until she falls in love again. It goes back to what Duana and I said about her on an episode of Show Your Work back in June – you can’t separate Jennifer Lopez from her love stories, overall. She’s known for her loves and loves lost. And yet, somehow she separates from each and every one in that none of them ever define her. JLO sticks to Ben Affleck more than Ben sticks to her. Diddy too. And Marc Anthony. She leaves her mark on them. They don’t leave their marks on her. It’s kind of amazing, non?

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