Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson have been seen in New York a couple of times this week with their baby and her mother. He’s there shooting Dr Death, taking over the lead role in the series after Jamie Dornan dropped out over scheduling issues. And I think with Joshua as the title character, it might be more interesting. Because we’ve already seen Jamie play a serial killer in The Fall. For Joshua, however, this could be his darkest role, as the show is based on the true story of a charming surgeon in Dallas who kept maiming and/or killing his patients in the operating room. What? Not our Pacey Witter! But also, yes, this is what will make it even more intriguing. Pacey’s appeal in the most sinister form. This is Joshua’s latest part having recently been seen in Little Fires Everywhere. He remains booked and busy. Both of them are booked and busy. 


Because Jodie’s been working on a series for Channel 5 in the UK about Anne Boleyn where she plays Anne Boleyn. She also directed a short film (her first time) for Gucci this past fall and she has two projects due out – After Yang with Colin Farrell and Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, with Michael B Jordan and Jamie Bell, which she shot last year in her second trimester. In other words, it has been a YEAR. During which she also gave birth to their daughter. And she acknowledged that while of course it’s been a challenge, she’s had the help (her mother is with her) and resources that many don’t, telling ELLE:

“Navigating parenthood at any time is difficult,” she says, “and it’s even more difficult without support, when everything is shut down and you can’t really see other people or go anywhere.” She’s quick to point out that moms of school-age children have it much harder right now: “I’m not having to sit on Zoom with her and suddenly become her educator as well as her caretaker,” she says of her daughter. Childbirth ultimately taught her another lesson about strength. “Patriarchal society really is out here, scamming women into thinking that they’re not supremely powerful beings,” she says, chuckling. “Because damn, it’s some goddess-level shit.” 


It really is some goddess-level sh-t. Look at her:

Jodie is wearing pieces from The North Face x Gucci collaboration and the coat she has on in New York looks like it could be from the same collection too. As she says in the interview, clothing can be self-care: 


“…this idea of dressing up for you, of putting something on to enhance your own mood, just to do what you want to do and not necessarily even leave the house—because right now we’re not even doing that. It’s like telling a story about how you feel with what you wear,” she says. “We all need a little bit of carefree energy right now.”

This coat is exactly that energy. Something bright in the January blues. Something blooming during the deep winter blahs. Goddess-level sh-t. 

UPDATE: Well, everyone is wrong apparently about the baby’s name being Janie. It is NOT Janie, per this tweet, although I’m not sure enough people – including me – have picked up on that yet. For all of us who missed this tweet (thanks Belle!):