What do you call it when you break up with someone and they refuse to leave you alone? There’s a word for it. You know the word. It’s abusive and gross, obviously. Sofia Vergara broke up with this dude a long, long, long time ago. She’s been married to Joe Manganiello for a while. And still, the ex wants to keep a part of her. Like desperately. I don’t understand how this is acceptable behaviour. To me it’s TERRIFYING. The way I see it, he’s clinging to her. He’s not allowing her to move on from him. Why is this allowed? (Dlisted) 

How much money did you get from the Tooth Fairy? You know what I got? NOTHING. Jack sh-t. Because my Chinese parents were like, what the f-ck is a Tooth Fairy? Instead I was told to show my appreciation to the god for long life and prosperity by studying hard and honouring father and mother. Money for pulling out a tooth?! If you asked for that at my house, you’d be laughed out the door. (Cele|bitchy) 

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington really do have that newlywed glow. I mean the sun’s out, obviously. And that helps. And champagne always helps too. But the last time we saw them they were holding hands leaving their wedding ceremony. And these pictures make it seem like they haven’t stopped holding hands since. Jon Snow and Ygritte have turned me into a sap. (Pop Sugar) 

Holy sh-t, so many anniversaries today! Do you know what came out 20 years ago today? Jennifer Lopez’s best movie. And definitely one of George Clooney’s best movies. Out of Sight, remember? Out of Sight not only holds up, it might actually get better every time you watch it. I might have to watch it tonight. This piece is a love letter to Out of Sight, not only to the actors but also to the editor, the late Anne Coates who had a hand in creating the chemistry between JLo and George that still works, no matter how many times you’ve seen the movie. (Pajiba) 

As Kathleen wrote yesterday, Jamie Foxx did not do a good job hosting the BET Awards. Maybe he was too busy planning the after-party? Or maybe he spent this much on the after-party to make up for the fact that he was sh-t at hosting the show? (TMZ) 

Rihanna’s eyeliner. Rihanna’s “flick”. It’s a GREAT flick. And, I maintain, we do our own best eyeliner flick. I’ll never be able to do an eyebrow on myself as well as a proper makeup artist. Same goes for all other areas of the face. But I know my own eyes. I can tug and pull at my eyelids in exactly the way they need to be tugged and pulled for the optimum flick. Rihanna, I think, knows this too. (Teen Vogue)