Lady Gaga’s new song and video “Stupid Love” came out last night. I listened to it three times this morning and… it’s fine, but I don’t know that it’s a go-to bop for me. That said, my colleague, Sandra, insists that’s a “grower”. So I’ll have it on repeat later when I’m walking the dogs and maybe by the end of the hour I’ll be more pumped up. She does look great in the video though. (Dlisted) 

I hate to disagree with Kayleigh Donaldson because she’s awesome and brilliant but I don’t know that Katie Holmes became more “fascinating” after she left Tom Cruise because she became boring. I, personally, am not fascinated by Katie Holmes. I don’t wonder what’s up with Katie Holmes on a regular basis. Maybe I’m in the minority, though? (Pajiba)

Headscarves were a thing on the Dior runway for Fall 2020. Which immediately made me think of Axl Rose, not that we ever called it a headscarf. But I did really love that long hair bandana look back in the day and JLo always did it well. I’ve always wanted to do it because my hair works with the vibe but my head gets too hot and then I get obsessed with whether or not I can smell my scalp. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Renee Zellweger won an Oscar earlier this month. Does it feel like it was six months ago? Anyway, her look through award season was always body-con and strapless and she just showed up at an event in support of cancer research last night in a not strapless gown but still body-con so, for all intents and purposes, it’s the same silhouette. (Cele|bitchy) 

Buzzfeed just told me I have perfect vision – which means a lot because for most of my life I did not have perfect vision. Laser eye surgery, man. It’s the best thing I ever did. Anyway, I don’t know how scientific this is but it made me feel really good about being able to see things without contact lenses or glasses. (Buzzfeed)