For weeks now there’s been speculation over whether or not Shakira and Lewis Hamilton are on their way to becoming a celebrity power couple. To recap: Shakira lives in Miami now and she was at the Miami GP and then was seen at a restaurant with Lewis and some other people after the race, and then they and their friends went on a boat ride. 


This past weekend, Shakira was back in Barcelona for the Spanish GP and, once again, she and Lewis went out for dinner with friends. And now PEOPLE is reporting that the two are in the “early stages of dating”:

“After a series of public outings, a source tells PEOPLE that the singer and Formula One driver are keeping things "fun and flirty."

"They're spending time together and in the 'getting to know you' stage," says a source who knows them both. "It's fun and flirty."

PEOPLE is calling their story an exclusive and they’ve built this story around that quote above. It’s just 16 words, and 16 words that you and I could have easily come up with based on what we’ve seen on social media. We already know they’ve been “spending time together”. When people spend time together, there’s generally a process of “getting to know you” that happens. And it’s not a stretch at all that two single and attractive people would be “fun and flirty”. 


So it’s not that I don’t believe PEOPLE, I just don’t think it adds anything to what was already obvious about Shakira and Lewis. But maybe this legitimises the speculation? And maybe, since this is PEOPLE, either Shakira or Lewis or both cosigned this story and therefore the speculation? 

What might be even more telling than the PEOPLE story is the social media activity of one of Lewis’s competitors, Max Verstappen. Max is now following Shakira on Instagram; this is someone who famously doesn’t associate much with celebrities. And now suddenly he’s following Shakira… when not even Lewis follows Shakira. 


Fans are now wondering whether or not Max knows something we don’t know. Which would also be weird because Lewis and Max aren’t exactly BFFs, but at the same time, given that they’re both on the F1 circuit, they spend enough time in each other’s presence where, certainly, Max would see some sh-t that the public wouldn’t be privy to. 

Shakira looked like she was in great spirits yesterday upon her return to Miami. Now, the next question is about the next stop – the Canadian GP is next weekend. Will Shaki make an appearance? 

The father of her children is based in Spain and she lived there for a long time. It wasn’t totally unusual for her to be there. But if she shows up in Montreal? It is ON.