PROGRAMMING NOTE: It’s a statutory holiday weekend here in Canada as we observe Victoria Day on Monday so we’ll be dark that day and returning to regular gossip schedule on Tuesday. Please stay safe and wishing all of you in Canada a healthy long weekend. 

There’s going to be a Mad Max: Fury Road prequel and it’s about Furiosa. That is exactly right. It should be about her, she was the f-cking best. Since it’s a younger Furiosa though, Charlize Theron will not be in the film, although they tried. They tried with the technology and it’s just not there yet. And that’s my favourite part of this story – George Miller basically saying that the tech in The Irishman was sh-t, because it was. And not just the tech, but also Robert De Niro trying to move around like he was 40 years younger. Have I mentioned how overrated I think that movie is? (Dlisted)


So at first I was like… ummm…why the F-CK are they remaking Scarface? And then half a second later it was, oh! Luca Guadagnino is directing so…maybe? Half a second after that, it was oh! Joel and Ethan Cohen wrote the screenplay? Now I’m actually thinking it’s a good idea, have I been brainwashed? Is Timothee Chalamet going to play Tony Montana? (Pajiba) 

The FUG Girls have been throwing it back to Cannes all week and today, they’re giving us Princess Diana on the Croisette. This dress, though it’s not my favourite, still holds up today, non? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle surprise-Zoomed the staff of Crisis Text Line. Does this count as a royal Zoom bomb? Probably not. This was likely planned through the organisation’s directors to uplift the team. But I’m sure the Daily Mail will find some way to scandalise it. (Cele|bitchy) 

Here’s a quiz about whether or not you’re a main character, a sidekick, or an antagonist. I really tried to be an antagonist but I turned out to be a main character which… I mean… two sides of the same coin. Both narcissists. (Buzzfeed)