On the off-chance you think Matt Lauer has changed, his alleged revenge plot against Ronan Farrow means he hasn’t. Because this is a lingering vestige of the kind of power trip he was on when he was at the top. Remember the secret button under his desk? Remember the swagger of invincibility? The sanctimony? All this time away hasn’t mellowed that out. There doesn’t seem to have been any self-reflection. Matt Lauer is as toxic as he ever was. (Dlisted) 


Reddit asked the question what movie would you reboot but just from a different character’s point of view and I hate myself that this is the first movie that came to mind: Reality Bites and Troy Dyer, grunge f-ckboy for the ages. Do we not know what Troy was thinking? Of course we know. It’s not like Troy wasn’t clear about it. But … still… that’s the power of the f-ckboy in your life at that time in your life. You still want to get into his head. (Pajiba) 

Sophie Turner wore these jeans a year ago and I still like them, I still want to buy them, I’ve bought variations of them since that are not quite right or the same colour, and I can’t wait for this sh-t to be over so I can put them on with my giant platform sneakers and a tie dye top with a ponytail and make you wonder if it’s 1985 or 2020. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I guess this was inevitable. After the success of The Last Dance, they’re now doing a similar one on Tom Brady. Please. As IF Tom Brady is as meme-able as Michael Jordan. Don’t @ me Patriots Nation. And that includes you, Ben Affleck. (Cele|bitchy) 

This is probably not a very evolved thing to say and definitely not the point of the video but my first preoccupation while watching it was how great Inga Lam’s hair looks and how pretty she is. And then I started paying attention to the tornado omelet, which I’m totally going to try this weekend. Do you know Inga? I’ve been secretly crushing on her for a while now and … well… for whatever reason, maybe it’s how amazing these eggs are swirling in the pan, this is the video that broke me and I have to reveal myself. (Buzzfeed)