Last time we checked in on Naomi Campbell she was not pregnant with Skepta’s baby but we weren’t sure if she was still dating him. Now she may or may not be David Blaine, a longtime card-carrying member of Leonardo DiCaprio Wolf Pussy Posse Pack. #WPPP #PackLife #PosseForever Do you think they all have tattoos of something to that effect? (Dlisted) 

Prince Philip hates Sarah Ferguson. Still. There is no grudge keeper like a royal ass grudge keeper. That’s what having a thousand titles grants you – the right to petty as f-ck, even when your grandchild is getting married. Philip, supposedly, is grousing about having to attend Prince Eugenie’s wedding because he does not want to be anywhere near Fergie. Nobody is enjoying this more than Prince Charles. (Cele|bitchy) 

I don’t hate this dress on Chloe Grace Moretz. But I feel like it’s not as special as she might think it is. Like, I imagine that this would have been considered one of the more special outfits on her press tour. And it’s not really playing that way. Maybe, had she worn her hair differently, the effect would have been different? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Every year I say this and every year I feel like I’m saying it earlier and earlier: I’ve never made anything to do with a pumpkin. How does it work? How does it go from pumpkin to pie? And whyyyyyy are we already f-cking into pumpkin season?! I’m not in the mood for pumpkin yet. For me it’s still watermelon everything. (Pajiba) 

Justin Bieber just bought a huge property here in Ontario for over $5 million. There’s a lake and a horse track or something. You know what I’m thinking then? Is this where the wedding will be? (TMZ) 

I’ve mentioned several times over the last couple of years that you cannot separate gossip and politics, especially not now, and especially not given the relationship between The National Enquirer and Donald Trump. That relationship may be falling apart and if it does, there’s a LOT more gossip on the way. (Vanity Fair)