Brie Larson’s cape happened last weekend, but there hasn’t been a look in the days since that’s quite as spectacular which means it held up, making it 100% worthy of the Outfit of the Week. 


Brie was at Disneyland Paris for the Marvel Avengers Campus launch and, well, since she’s Captain Marvel, the cape reflected her role with the stars embroidered down the bottom. Brie loves this character, being Carol Danvers is not a burden–so the fact that her superhero now has her own ride at Disneyland? It was a big moment for her personally and her fit reflects that. 

It's custom, Fernando Garcia for Oscar de la Renta. As Brie said on Instagram, it’s the “cape of my dreams”. 


The cape is perfectly showcased over a golden sequined fringed crop which is still not too much considering how much is going on with all that beading and sparkle, somehow everything is exactly in balance. It’s the second week in a row, too, that we’ve seen a metallic and shredded Oscar de la Renta, after Tessa Thompson’s amazing dress last week in London at the Thor: Love and Thunder premiere. As I wrote in that post, this is not the Oscar de la Renta full-skirts-and-floral-print vibe that we’ve become familiar with over the decades. Fernando Garcia has taken the house in a whole new direction, and the results recently have been spectacular. I can’t wait to see more of this energy, maybe at the Emmys.