I heard a Spice Girls song on the radio this morning in the bathroom and I started bopping in my squat mid-stream to “Say You’ll Be There”. If you came of age in that era, I don’t see how it’s possible to not sing along and get right into that groove. 


Anyway, perfect timing because for a few days now I’ve been hanging onto these pictures for this post – the Outfit of the Week is Mel C at the Variety Club Showbusiness Awards in London on Monday night. This one is for me. This is the kind of OOTW that I appreciate for myself, for my own style, it’s everything I want in a party outfit. 

This is party outfit season, after all. When we bring out the cocktail dresses, the little black dresses, the lace and ruffles and glitter and sequins. Only, most of the time, the sequins we associate with this season are black or metallic or red – and not necessarily aquamarine. But aquamarine works, and it definitely pops on Mel C. 

Beyond the sequins though, this is also a dream design. A short skirt that’s giving tennis or golf, and a hoodie up top… it’s literally a party dress for Sporty Spice. Which is why she is thriving in it – serving looooong legs, sexy tousled hair, and exactly the right amount of swagger-slouch in her pose. In my opinion, aside from her iconic red track suit, it’s the best outfit she’s ever worn.