I love this dress on Olivia Wilde so much that I’ve been worried the last couple of days that another great look would come along and then I’d have to choose. As it turns out, this week, there is in my opinion no outfit better than what Olivia wore at the SCAD Savannah Film Festival. 

This is Carolina Herrera which would surprise me if not for the fact that it’s Carolina Herrera + Olivia Wilde. Because it’s not the first time I’ve posted about Olivia in the label. She’s in a blue print belted Carolina Herrera here and she was in a turquoise belted Carolina Herrera back in March of 2018 that I was also super into. I’ll say now what I said then – if it has to be a belt, it has to be a wide belt. 

But there’s more happening than just the belt. The use of tie dye here is SO good. Also it makes me curious – does that mean no two of these dresses look quite the same? I think so, yes – check out how it was sent down the runway: 


At first glance, it’s the same. But as soon as you look for the variation in the dye, you’ll see the differences between them – quickest place to spot is the shoulders. It gives the piece something special, non? That every dress they produced is, in its own way, totally original? 

Also obsessed with how the shoulders are cut so to make it stand out from other shirt dresses. From the waist up, the body is shaped like an umbrella, like a Mary Poppins capelet effect without the caping which gives it a throwback effect while looking, at the same time, thoroughly modern. 

I used to always associate Carolina Herrera with Renee Zellweger. But I think Olivia Wilde might be taking over now.