Lizzo posted a video on Instagram of herself on the treadmill yesterday…in a very, VERY cute workout outfit. 


She’s wearing Lesley Hampton, from Lesley’s athleisure line. Lesley is an Indigenous Canadian designer and during the pandemic, she has focused more on athleisure clothing – for every body type. To see Lizzo in her pieces is such a major win, especially since Lizzo is all about body positivity which is totally in line with Lesley’s design philosophy. Click here if you want to see more athleisure options from Lesley. Like this hoodie… LOOK HOW CUTE: 


That hoodie, by the way, is still available in sizes up to 3XL, but it may not be for long now that Lizzo’s in Lesley on Instagram. And the model who’s wearing that hoodie is Sarain Fox, an artist, activist, an ambassador for Indigenous culture whose new documentary Inendi is streaming now at CBC Gem. You can learn more about Sarain at her website. I had the opportunity to interview Sarain this week for The Social about the film which features her auntie, Mary Bell, a residential school survivor. 

In Anishinaabe culture, the women are the knowledge keepers, and the culture is passed on through storytelling, from one generation to the next. During the pandemic, it’s more important than ever in Indigenous communities for the elders to be protected, so that the stories can be preserved and then shared. So that the culture continues. Auntie Mary and Sarain are doing that work.