Paris Hilton claims that her (broken) engagement ring generated millions and millions of dollars in publicity. Really? I don’t know anything about her ring. And I’m not sure anyone was getting their engagement rings inspired by Paris Hilton. Not this year. Not when there have been so many more engagements that people cared so much more about. As IF. (Dlisted) 

The Kardashians and the Jenners are shutting down their subscription apps. The presumption is that they’re no longer profitable but… I wonder. If they’re doing it in unison, and Kris Jenner is some kind of mastermind, maybe it’s because they’re getting ready to launch, or relaunch, something bigger. (Cele|bitchy) 

As mentioned earlier in the Meghan Markle post, celebrities are slowing down. They’re on holiday already. There’s not much to be gained over the next few weeks in publicity since, in theory, people aren’t paying as much attention. In the absence of top level celebrity news, well, Paris Hilton is taking advantage. No idea what she’s trying to promote. But she’s doing these pap walks in different outfits like it’s high season. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This shot of Rachel McAdams pumping breastmilk in Versace and Bulgari jewellery is amazing. While, sure, most women may not be pumping in designer clothing, many have to do it at work, and have to be discreet about it. Rachel was at work. And this is certainly not discreet. Things that are normal shouldn’t have to be discreet. (Pajiba) 

I haven’t been paying attention but has Maroon 5 been officially, officially confirmed to headline the Super Bowl halftime show? I know it’s not news, and it’s a done deal, but has the actual proper announcement been made? Adam Levine was on Ellen in November, I think. And he wouldn’t say. Now we’re hearing that Travis Scott will join the band. In other words, Travis is the actual unofficial headliner? He’s the one topping the charts this year, right? (TMZ)  

Earlier this week I mentioned the delightfully random Weezer sketch on Saturday Night Live last weekend. This is the story behind the sketch – basically one of the writers is everything that came out of Leslie Jones and Matt Damon’s mouths. (Vulture)