Maria just mentioned recently in Celebrity Social Media what a low profile Charlie Hunnam has maintained over this ongoing pandemic. Even when restrictions started easing, he was pretty undercover. So this is a rare sighting indeed of Charlie, with his longtime partner Morgana McNelis, out for groceries the other day in LA. 


Charlie was working on Shantaram through last year, the series will eventually land on Apple but a release date has yet to be confirmed. And production started in the spring on Zack Snyder’s space opera Rebel Moon. Filming is scheduled until November and when that movie is ready it will eventually live on Netflix. But it’ll be a while, which means that Charlie will likely continue to keep it low for the foreseeable future. The way it’s been going, these may be the last pictures we see of him this year. 

I feel like I would have been more excited a few years ago? Speaking of years, it’s been eight of them since Sons of Anarchy ended. That surprised me when I just looked it up a few minutes ago. And it’s been three years since Charlie made headlines for saying that he’s a “big fan” of Jordan Petersen. This kinda dimmed my enthusiasm for him. I mean, he can be a big fan of whoever he wants to fanboy, but I can also NOT be a big fan of whoever I don’t want to fangirl and I definitely do not fangirl Jordan Petersen and while that doesn’t mean that I can’t be down with Charlie, I’m not as hard as I used to be.