Gossips have been watching this situationship for a year now: Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, who’ve been friends for a long time, first emerged as a romantic possibility in December 2019, six months or so after he’d returned home after being held in a Swedish prison; they showed up together at the Fashion Awards in London. Put a pin in that for a minute. 

 ASAP Rocky and Rihanna arrive at The Fashion Awards 2019 held at Royal Albert Hall on December 02, 2019 in London, England.

A few weeks later, in early January 2020, it was confirmed that Rihanna and her boyfriend of three years, billionaire Hassan Jameel had broken up and she was seen hanging out with Rocky backstage at a show in New York. From there, over the course of the year, there have been sightings of the two here and there but nothing definitive. They just happened to be in the same place at the same time with friends and we all know RiRi keeps her sh-t locked down tight and no one reliable was talking. 


Then, in August, Cody wrote about their flirty video promoting her skincare line and even though it was a virtual interview, the chemistry and the horny vibe between them was undeniable. Over the last few months, people have spotted them and have mentioned it on social media but no photos emerged and, well, you know… our minds have been on other things this year. 

A few days ago, Rihanna, Rocky, and friends had dinner with friends at the Beatrice Inn in New York per Page Six. And yesterday PEOPLE confirmed exclusively via a source that they are indeed which, given the outlet, says to me that they were ready to make it official…

Exactly a year to the day that they were together at the Fashion Awards in London. December 2, 2019 was a Monday. Coincidence or conspiracy? 


This is typical of Rihanna’s romance style. She takes her time before letting people know who’s in her bed. With Handsome Hassan, it was at least six months until the two were papped on holiday. And through their relationship, they weren’t photographed together too often – leaving a restaurant now and again but nothing like attending an event and posing together. She began to speak about him in interviews after a while for sure, but there were no details about their lives together, how they spent time together. With Rocky it appears to be similar. She’s OK, presumably, that we know they’re a thing, but she’s careful about giving up the shots. 

So how did we get here? How did friends become lovers? 

My theory is that after Rocky’s incident in Sweden, Rihanna experienced that thing we all do when there’s a crisis: you realise what’s most dear to you. And for her, perhaps it was how much she feels for Rocky? 

A lot of people have been shipping RiRi and Rocky for a long time, even though it’s not the friends-to-lovers-to-friends-to-lovers storyline that Rihanna is most closely associated with – or at least not the man that we often think of the most when that Rihanna comes up in that narrative. But Rihanna + Rocky are undeniably, well, look at them. Who wouldn’t want to look at them?! And from a celebrity coverage perspective, these two have electrifying, super-couple potential.